Pharmacy Robot Helps Denver Health Patients Get Medications Faster

July 28, 2021

Parata Max 2 Denver Health OMC Pharmacy
With the 2021 opening of the Outpatient Medical Center Pharmacy at Denver Health, patients who fill their prescriptions at the new state-of-the-art facility will have a smooth and effortless experience, thanks to the latest technology and improved customer service.

Denver Health's new pharmacy is the only outpatient pharmacy at Denver Health to use a new automated prescription filling machine called the Parata Max 2. "The machine allows us to fill patients' prescriptions with more precision and accuracy," said Outpatient Medical Center Pharmacy technician supervisor Miyoki Kawamoto.

The Parata Max 2 robot has a 100 percent accuracy in labeling, counting, filling, capping and sorting prescriptions, which helps ensure patient safety by making sure patients get the right medication every time.
Watch the new Parata Max 2 pill counting robot in action at Denver Health's Outpatient Medical Center Pharmacy.
The high-speed counting machine with its dual touchscreens allow pharmacy staff to fill Denver Health's top 200 most popular medications faster than any pharmacist or pharmacy technician can.

Speed and convenience are the biggest benefits of the high-tech pill counter. "It reduces our time spent filling medications," Kawamoto continued. Less time spent counting pills means pharmacists and technicians can now focus more of their time on making sure every patient they serve has all of their questions answered before leaving with their meds.

The pill counting robot combined with our new ticketing kiosks work hand-in-hand to improve the overall patient experience at the Outpatient Medical Center Pharmacy.

"The best part of implementing this new technology into our pharmacy is that it provides us a gift – more time with our patients," said Kawamoto.