Governor Polis Unveils Health Care Affordability Plan at Denver Health

April 04, 2019

Robin Wittenstein and Jared Polis
Colorado Governor Jared Polis and Lieutenant Governor Dianne Primavera held a news conference at Denver Health this morning to announce their plans to reduce the cost of health care.

Watch Gov. Polis announce his new Roadmap to Saving Coloradans Money on Health Care. (Via Denver7)
They unveiled the Polis-Primavera Roadmap to Saving Coloradans Money on Health Care. According to a statement from the governor's office, "The roadmap outlines short- and long-term action steps that will begin to reduce patient costs and improve the health care system overall."

"Starting right away, Colorado consumers will see savings on health care," Gov. Polis said. "No Coloradan should have to go without care because they can't afford it."

Denver Health has led the way in increasing hospital price transparency, just one of the items in the new roadmap. The roadmap also includes establishing a reinsurance pool to reduce premiums, negotiating to drive down the cost of health insurance, lowering the cost of prescription drugs and reducing out-of-pocket health care costs.

"At Denver Health, we work hard to partner with the state and with other providers to make sure that our patients get the care that they need in the least expensive setting possible," said Denver Health CEO Robin D. Wittenstein, Ed.D., FACHE. "But today we know that for many people who live in our region, health care costs continue to be a struggle."

"Finding ways that we can reduce the cost of health care while continuing to improve quality and to continue to improve the health outcomes for people who live in our region is the mission of Denver Health," Dr. Wittenstein continued.

Learn how Denver Health is keeping the cost of health care down for its patients.