Electronic Health Information Access Instructions

Viewing Your Medical Record Online

If you would like to view your medical record online, effective for services rendered on and after April 9, 2016, please access Denver Health's new MyChart electronic records system. MyChart is a secure online tool that allows you to view your medical history, message your health care provider, pay your bill, make an appointment and request prescription refills ‐‐ all from your smartphone or computer. Read our MyChart Explainer to learn how MyChart works to improve your care experience at Denver Health.


Accessing My Records in MyChart:

You can now request and download your medical records directly from MyChart. The automated request allows immediate download of your medical records as long as you select the records be sent to you and no approval is needed.

Release of information steps

Immediate Release of Electronic Health Information to Patients and Their Proxies:

From Wednesday, October 28, 2020, Denver Health will follow new Federal rules which require the immediate release of electronic health information to patients. You will be able to immediately view your laboratory, radiology and pathology reports in MyChart, as soon as the reports are available. You will also be able to see the notes taken during your visit with a Denver Health doctor. If you have given other people access to your health information, such as a parent, spouse, partner or care giver, these people ‐ also known as proxies ‐ will also be able to see your information. For more details. Learn more in the PDF link below.

Immediate Release of E‐Health Records


Access Your Family’s Medical Records:

Access to a child’s or adult’s MyChart account can be granted to individuals who have authority to view that individual’s medical information. A proxy consent form must be completed in order to request proxy access.


Please note:

Under the age of 12: Parents/guardians will have full access to all aspects of the child’s MyChart account, including appointments, medications, test results and more.

Ages 12‐18: If the parents/guardians previously had access to the minor’s account, they will be defaulted to demographics updates only of their minor’s account. This will occur on the minor’s birthday. The parent/guardian will have the option to receive full access at the child’s consent. This consent will need to be renewed each year on the day of or after the minor’s birthday. This minor will have full access to their own records through MyChart.

18 years or older: Adults will need to request access to another adult’s record. There are various forms of access that will be defined in the request.

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