LGBTQ+ Health Services Research

Research at Denver Health LGBTQ+ Health Services

LGBTQ+ Health Services is committed to improving the quality of care LGBTQ+ patients receive at Denver Health. In addition to direct patient care, one important way of meeting that goal involves increasing knowledge and understanding about LGBTQ+ health care.

We are building a research program that we hope will help advance the health of LGBTQ+ populations in Colorado. Our work centers on the voices of the community in an effort to find new perspectives and solutions to complex problems contributing to ongoing health disparities in LGBTQ+ populations. By working with the community, we hope to highlight everyday experiences in an effort to create resources, share information and design interventions that are community driven and culturally relevant. 

Community Advisory Board

LGBTQ+ Health Services values community engagement and currently works with two community advisory boards (CABs). The CABs consist of transgender patients who receive care at Denver Health, and who dedicate their time to advocating for their communities and sharing personal experiences to provide insight for the LGBTQ+ Health Services staff, research and medical teams. LGBTQ+ Health Services uses feedback from the CABs to make decisions about how we structure different programs, services that patients need and how best to support and respect the LGBTQ+ community.