Birthing Plan

Having a baby is a very personal moment. The nurses, physicians and nurse midwives at Denver Health work with mothers to give them the experience they desire during this very special time. Mothers are encouraged to talk to their providers during prenatal care and on the day of delivery about the birth experience they expect.

Denver Health OB/GYN physicians, family medicine physicians, maternal fetal medicine (high-risk) specialists and certified nurse midwives all provide care during pregnancy and delivery. Sometimes, your or your baby's medical condition may require you to have a certain type of provider, but in many cases, this selection can be made by the mother's preference.

Other considerations for your birth plan include who you want in the room with you during delivery, how you want your pain controlled and if you want to be able to move around during labor. We are here to support you in your birth experience. Of course, the safety of mom and baby are the most important considerations, so sometimes the birth plan may need to be adjusted to protect the health of the mom and baby.

Some of the things to consider for your birth plan:

  • What to expect during labor
  • Medical induction of labor
  • Failure to progress
  • Episiotomy
  • Vaginal birth, labor and delivery
  • Cesarean birth
  • Vaginal birth after cesarean section
  • Epidural anesthesia in childbirth
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