Cardiac Rehabilitation Program

What is Cardiac Rehabilitation?

  • Exercise and education program providing patients with resources to adopt healthy lifestyles
  • Work towards goals to help improve your cardiac health
  • Monitoring of blood pressure, heart rate and rhythm during exercise
  • Communication with a team of exercise physiologists to help you better understand your heart health

Traditional Cardiac Rehab (insurance-based)

  • Traditional Cardiac Rehab is a structured exercise program we offer 3 days a week for up to 12 weeks.
  • Our team of exercise physiologists will monitor your vital signs throughout the program both at rest and during exercise, guide patients to adopt healthy lifestyles and know their limitations to exercise.
  • We provide individual and group education on topics such as nutrition, stress management, medications, cardiac risk factors and more.
  • Cardiac Rehabilitation begins with a one-on-one visit with an exercise physiologist for an intake visit then leads to a class setting with others of like diagnoses.
  • Staff will communicate with your Denver Health Primary Care Physician and/or Cardiologist about your progress and any issues that may arise.

This program is generally covered by most health insurances for those with the below diagnoses:

Heart Attack Coronary Angioplasty or Stent
Stable Angina Heart Failure with an Ejection Fraction of 35% or less
CABG Valve repair/replacement
Heart Transplant Peripheral Vascular Disease

Get Moving Exercise Program (12 sessions)

  • This exercise program is intended for those with chronic conditions that limit quality of life (overweight/obesity, high blood pressure, diabetes, etc.,)
  • 12 sessions for $120 dollars ($10/session) over a 6-week period that meets 2 days a week
  • Exercise physiologists will guide you to perform safe exercise both in the gym and at home, set realistic goals and provide education on ways to improve your overall health.

Patients must receive a referral from a physician to participate in either program.

Benefits of Cardiac Rehab:

  • Control heart health
  • Improve well-being
  • Variety of equipment to perform exercise (NuStep, Treadmill, Stationary bike, arm crank, free weights and more)