Bariatric Surgery A Family Affair for Husband and Wife

July 03, 2024

Ben Lindsey Evans Bariatrics Denver Health
Some couples do everything together. For Lindsey and Ben Evans that includes taking a life-changing journey, as they each had bariatric surgery at Denver Health within about a year and a half of each other.

The Decision to Have Bariatric Surgery

"We were always an active outdoor couple, but the things that we liked to do were often difficult for us or uncomfortable for us," Lindsey said, recalling one of the reasons she came to the Denver Health Bariatric Surgery Center a few years ago. She had a successful sleeve gastrectomy surgery in March 2022. "Going into it, you know that this is a forever change. Weight loss surgery is a tool, but it is a permanent tool."

Ben, who supported Lindsey through her surgery and had also seen his dad successfully go through the surgery years before, followed with a successful sleeve gastrectomy of his own in October 2023. "At my first appointment, I weighed 396 pounds. Now I weigh 273," he reflected. Ben refers to the surgery as a "hard reset" on his body. "My knees are better, my ankles are better. Everything in life becomes easier. From the moment I woke up, I knew my life was never going to be the same."

"Once the weight started coming off, it was just like I felt more energized and I was almost in tears," Lindsey added. "I felt so good. This is freedom – freedom to live life."


Bariatric Surgery Helps Return Patients to Doing What They Love

Watch Lindsey and Ben's weight loss journey together at the Denver Health Bariatric Surgery Center.

"They are both doing great," said their surgeon, Fredric Pieracci, MD. "One of the most satisfying things to hear after bariatric surgery is that patients get back to doing things that they are passionate about that they had to give up because of their weight and other health problems, and for Ben, that passion is dirt biking." Ben talked about how much he missed riding when he was at his heaviest and how much he enjoys it now when he is back on his bikes.

What Sets Denver Health Bariatric Surgery Center Apart

The couple worked individually with the same surgeon, dietitian and psychologist at the Denver Health Bariatric Surgery Center – owing their success to the individualized, in-person attention they received from the Denver Health caregivers, something not every bariatric program in Denver or the Rocky Mountain Region offers. They also had the support and empathy from one another, because they were experiencing the same procedure together.

"I think there are several things that set us apart at the Denver Health Bariatric Surgery Center," Dr. Pieracci continued. "The most important one is that our care is tailored to each individual patient. You have your own dietician who you'll meet with every month, you have your own psychologist who you'll meet with, and that personal touch, that relationship development really helps set you up for success after your surgery."

"You're going to work with specialized surgeons, advanced practice providers, as well as specially trained dietitians and psychologists and support staff," added Denver Health Bariatric Surgery Center director Alexander Morton, MD.

The Psychology of Weight Loss Surgery

Lindsey talked about how she didn't realize what mental struggles there might be following surgery - and how working with a psychologist helped her. Namely, although the weight will come off - how do you keep it off for years to come?

"Behavioral health is equally as important as medical," said Alison Lieberman, PsyD, Lindsey and Ben's psychologist at the Denver Health Bariatric Surgery Center. "We meet with every patient during their pre-op visit to talk about getting ready for surgery and what it takes to cope with the postoperative process."

Support With Eating After Bariatric Surgery

Bariatric surgery before photo Denver Health
Ben and Lindsey Evans before bariatric surgery at Denver Health.
"I think it's great to see a husband and wife, and especially Lindsey and Ben, do the surgery together," said Michelle, the couple's registered bariatric dietitian. "When you do it together, you really get that support. You kind of have a buddy, a best friend in the process."

Michelle highlights the use of bariatric surgery as a tool for weight loss that can help improve health. "Part of using that tool properly is eating and drinking and nutrition. There are specific ways patients have to eat and drink after surgery, and that really helps ensure that they're going to have that weight loss and be successful." Lindsey and Ben both called Michelle "awesome to work with."

"Throughout the program, I never had any doubt about my success," Ben said. "The compassionate care that you get at Denver Health is just top tier."

"We would recommend Denver Health," Lindsey added. "I felt like I was in good hands. It was a really seamless experience for both of us. If we had to do it all over again, I think we would."


Denver Health offers bariatric surgery to adolescents and adults, ages 16-65. Cash/self-pay options are available, and most commercial insurance covers the procedures as well. Financial assistance is also available to those who need it.

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