Payment Options

Denver Health Bariatric Surgery Center is offering patients several payment options:

  • Most commercial insurance covers bariatric surgery. Denver Health accepts Anthem, Cigna, Denver Health Medical Plan, Elevate and United Healthcare.
  • Medicaid and Medicare are accepted.
  • For patients with a BMi 30 to 34.9 and Diabetes who are on medication and/or insulin and are considering the Gastric Bypass RNY, a cash option is available.
  • Patients who have CICP may also receive assistance from Denver Health to help with the cost of bariatric surgery.
  • Patients can also set up a Self-Pay schedule if they would like to pay over time. Learn more here.


Your insurance coverage will be assessed prior to entering the program to confirm bariatric coverage and to assess the process to qualify for bariatric surgery as each insurance has its own requirements.

Please contact the bariatric coordinator if you have more questions at 303-602-6232.