Frequently Asked Questions

What should I expect during my visit?

At your initial visit, you will meet one of our experienced nurse practitioners or physician assistants who will review your medical history and explain your brain or spine imaging. These providers are specially trained in neurosurgical disorders and will help determine if surgical management is best for you. If surgery is needed, one of the five attending neurosurgeons will then meet with you to discuss what surgical options are available and decide if surgery is the right treatment for you.

Do I need surgery?

For most patients, surgery is the last option and should only be done when other treatments fail. The decision of whether to do surgery is one that you and your surgeon will make together after hearing about your medical history, treatments you have tried, and reviewing your imaging and goals for care.

Who will be my surgeon?

In clinic, you will be seen by one of our nurse practitioners or physician assistants who are experienced in the evaluation and treatments of neurosurgical disorders. If you are determined to be a surgical candidate, one of the five attending neurosurgeons will discuss what surgical management options are available. The attending surgeons work as a team to collaborate on your care.

Can I receive a pain medication prescription?

Patients who are proceeding towards surgery may get a short course of pain medications to help with comfort and activity until their surgery date. Patients who have received surgery may be given a prescription for one to two weeks of pain medication as they recover. Otherwise, patients should receive pain medication prescriptions from their general practitioner or a pain management specialist.