Post Bariatric Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery

After massive weight loss, one can experience issues with excess skin and tissue throughout the body. Often, patients have skin problems (rashes, infections and boils) with these areas of their body. One can also experience physical limitations from the redundant skin and tissues that impact their lifestyle.

It is important that, as the patient, you have reached a stable weight plateau, as further weight loss can continue to change your body’s shape. In order to maximize your healing, it is important that for these procedures you are a non-smoker, are otherwise healthy or if you have other medical problems these are well controlled, and have proper nutrition.

Our Services

We offer a wide selection of surgeries that target this problem of sagging skin and excessive tissue for patients who have experienced a substantial weight loss. These include the following:

Tummy Tuck (Panniculectomy)

After substantial weight loss, one may notice that their stomach region has excessive loose skin and tissue that hangs over their sides and front like an apron. A panniculectomy is a surgery that removes this sagging skin and tissue through this region. Sometimes your navel may need to be relocated so that it is in its proper place, so usually the navel is sacrificed. This surgery does not correct stretch marks, but it may remove some that are located in your lower stomach regions. The scar from this surgery typically runs horizontally, and the exact length and shape of it is based upon the amount of excess tissue and skin you have, so it will vary between individuals. In some people, a vertical skin excision can be added to address excess tissue in the higher areas of the abdomen.

Arm Lift (Brachioplasty)

Weight loss after bariatric surgery can cause one to experience drooping and sagging of the skin and tissues under the upper arms. This excessive tissue can become quite burdensome, heavy and hinder movement. A brachioplasty is a surgery that removes the excess skin and tissue underneath your upper arms. This surgery does not tone your arms, but it does give one a better shape to them. Dependant upon the amount of excess tissue, liposuction may be combined with this surgery to help facilitate the actual surgery. The scar of this surgery runs along the inside of your upper arm from your armpit towards your elbow.

Thigh Lift

After massive weight loss, a patient may experience hanging redundant skin and tissue along their inner thighs. We offer a thigh lift through an incision along the inner thigh extending from the groin towards the knee to address this excessive tissue that often remains after significant weight loss. Dependent upon the amount of excessive tissue, liposuction may be combined with this surgery.

Breast Lift (Mastopexy)

After undergoing significant weight loss, a woman may experience a flattening in the contour of their breasts and sagging. There may be displacement of the nipples. Mastopexy removes the excess skin and reshapes the remaining tissue into a more natural contour. The nipple and areola may be relocated upwards so that it has a better placement. The scar for this surgery is typically around the areola, under the bottom fold of the breast and a single line running vertically up to the areola.