The Center of Addiction Medicine has received multiple grants for its initiatives. Below is a list of grants and the goals for each.

Linkage Navigation to Enhance Initiation and Engagement in Treatment for Opioid Use Disorder to Prevent Overdose

  • Agency: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, R01CE003006
  • Effective Dates: 9/30/2019-9/29/2021
  • Principal Investigator: Alia Al-Tayyib
  • Amount: $1,496,186
  • Description: The goal of this project is to develop, pilot, and evaluate a linkage navigation program to enhance initiation and engagement in treatment for opioid use disorder to prevent overdose.

Increasing Linkage to Family Planning Care for Individuals with Opioid Use Disorder

  • Agency: Office of the Assistant Secretary for Health, Office of Population Affairs, FPRPA006064
  • Effective Dates: 9/30/2019-9/29/2022
  • Principal Investigator: Deborah Rinehart
  • Amount: $1,622,356
  • Description: The primary goal of this project is to identify an innovative delivery model to address the family planning needs of individuals of reproductive age (18-44) in treatment for opioid use disorder at an urban integrated safety-net healthcare system.'


Engaging Youth Expertise for Prevention (“EYE for Prevention”)

  • Agency: Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration
  • Effective Dates: 9/30/2019-9/29/2024
  • Principal Investigator: Judy Shlay
  • Amount: $1,385,077
  • Description: To prevent the onset and reduce the progression of alcohol, marijuana, and stimulant use among Denver youth, EYE for Prevention will partner with youth with lived experience to: assess the prevention needs of youth engaged in substance use; plan, implement, and evaluate needs-based prevention strategies and messaging; and provide training and technical assistance to enhance prevention capacity at the community level.


Beginning Early and Assertive Treatment for Methamphetamine Use Disorder

  • Agency: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
  • Effective Dates: 9/30/2021-9/29/2024
  • Principal Investigator: Alia Al-Tayyib
  • Amount: $2,173,606.00


Communities that Care - A Shared Risk and Protective Factor Approach to Substance Misuse Prevention in Colorado Denver Metro LGBTQ+

  • Agency: Colorado Department of Public Health & Environment – CDPHE
  • Effective Dates: 7/1/21-6/30/26
  • Principal Investigator: Sarah Belstock
  • Amount: $2,992,410.00


Access Transformative Outreach Program (ATOP)

  • Agency: Colorado Access
  • Effective Dates: 1/17/22-9/30/23
  • Principal Investigator: Elizabeth Lowdermilk
  • Amount: $1,800,000.00