Integrated Behavioral Health Academy at Denver Health

Experts with real-world experience. Dedicated to advancing your integration.

Denver Health has successfully integrated behavioral health into our nine primary care clinics and many of our specialty clinics. Our integrated behavioral health department is financially sustained through billing; no grants or organizational write-off. We have a robust standardized program with interdisciplinary behavioral health providers including: psychiatrists, psychologists, licensed clinical social workers and addiction counselors. The Integrated Behavioral Health (IBH) Academy is comprised of these individuals who use their expertise to teach professionals and medical systems the tools necessary to provide this challenging, yet rewarding service.

What We Offer

The IBH Academy supports individual clinicians and medical practices in Colorado and beyond to help them achieve their integration goals. Whether you take a course or consult with the IBH Academy, you will be learning from individuals who have nationally recognized expertise and ongoing practice experience with patients across the lifespan.

The IBH Academy offers:

Classroom Trainings

Our foundation courses are a collection of intensive workshops geared towards behavioral health clinicians and primary care team members (medical providers and clinical support staff) who have become accustomed to practicing in their own silos. These courses do not teach the fundamentals of diagnosis, treatment and collaboration associated with routine care in any discipline. Rather, trainees will learn the essential skills necessary to be successful practicing within an integrated setting. All courses are held on-site at one of our integrated clinics, so you can see the concepts in practice during a tour.

Practice Coaching & Consultations

Whether your practice is just starting to integrate or is looking to optimize or advance integration, our experts can provide invaluable information and insight in the areas of clinical intervention, financial sustainability and systems operations. Consultation is tailored for each practice. It varies from a one-time discussion to ongoing support.

For more information or to schedule a free initial consultation, please email us.

Learning Consortia & Online Resource Sharing

Integrated behavioral health clinicians can access a virtual professional community to receive and provide support and resources to stay on the cutting edge of this constantly progressing field.

Membership is available with an annual fee of $100. For more information or to join a learning consortium, email us.

Professional Presentations

The IBH Academy faculty is available to present its work at upcoming conferences, as well as, provide individualized training workshops in your community or at your healthcare facility.

If you'd like to invite our faculty to come present, email us.

Why Choose the IBH Academy?

Our trainings and consultations are practice-based, developed from over a decade of direct service to our patients

  • We tailor our consultations to the needs of your agency
  • We teach evidenced-based interventions to help patients move toward better health outcomes
  • We help teams work more effectively together to transform practice
  • We achieved the “holy grail” of IBH—financial sustainability through billing—and can speak to this process


Jeremy Vogt, PhD is the director of the IBH Academy. Dr. Vogt is a licensed psychologist and behavioral health consultant at Denver Health’s Eastside Adult and Intensive Outpatient clinics. He completed his residency at the University of Colorado School of Medicine in integrated behavioral health and a post-doctoral fellowship at the Western Interstate Commission for Higher Education (WICHE) in public mental health policy, planning and program evaluation. He has a special interest in suicide prevention training in primary care and has delivered several talks and national training on this topic. Dr. Vogt is also a member of Denver Health’s Violence Prevention Committee.

Holly Batal, MD, MBA is a subject matter expert for classroom training curricula geared toward primary care providers. She also consults on the business of IBH. Dr. Batal is a General Internal Medicine physician at Denver Health and also the Medical Director of the Denver Health Medical Plan. During her career at Denver Health, she has also previously held positions as the Associate Medical Director of IBH and the Director of General Internal Medicine. As both an administrator and a primary care physician, she has had a long standing commitment to improving care for underserved populations. She is invested in helping to develop strategies to spread IBH services throughout the state and provides support to the IBH Academy as one mechanism to achieve this.

Jen Grote, PhD is a subject matter expert for classroom training curricula geared toward behavioral health providers. She also consults on programmatic aspects of IBH, including provider hiring and retention, innovation development and model fidelity. Dr. Grote is a licensed psychologist at Denver Health and also the Director of IBH. Throughout her career as a psychologist and administrator, she has worked with underserved populations and is committed to developing evidence-based, integrated behavioral health practices that best meet the needs of patients throughout the state of Colorado. She believes the IBH Academy serves to address this need as well as train a passionate and knowledgeable workforce to provide high-quality IBH services.

Caroline Hale, LCSW is responsible for overseeing the development of the IBH Academy’s classroom training curricula. Ms. Hale is a licensed clinical social worker and behavioral health consultant at the Family and Internal Medicine Clinic on the Denver Health campus. Prior to coming to Denver Health, Ms. Hale practiced for 30 years in various capacities as a mediator, caseworker and psychotherapist. She was formerly the Senior Director of the Adoption Exchange Education Center, responsible for training grants, training and supervising trainers in Colorado, Nevada and Missouri.

Marisa Kostiuk, MA is a program assistant and instructor with the IBH Academy. Ms. Kostiuk is a doctoral student at the University of Denver's Counseling Psychology program and is completing an externship at Denver Health's Intensive Outpatient Clinic. She has trained and worked in integrated primary care, corrections and court-ordered treatment programs related to domestic violence, substance use and sexual offenses. She is also actively involved in research including studying group therapy among inmates, as well as, sitting on an advisory group for a Patient Centered Outcomes Research Institute (PCORI) grant focused on improve care among high utilizing women. Ms. Kostiuk has a particular interest in working with, and enhancing services for traditionally under served populations.

Samantha Monson, PsyD founded and previously led the IBH Academy. Dr. Monson is a licensed psychologist and behavioral health consultant at Denver Health’s Lowry Family Health Center. Dr. Monson is both residency and fellowship trained in integrated behavioral health and was one of the first clinicians dedicated to piloting IBH at Denver Health. She served as co-chair of the Colorado Promoting Integrated Care Sustainability (CoPICS) advisory board, which spurred policy clarification to allow same-day billing of co-located behavioral health and primary medical care services. Dr. Monson has been a leader in numerous IBH grants at Denver Health, including from TCHF, Advancing Care Together, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Innovation and Colorado Access.