Dental Assistant Program

 It's never too early or too late to start a career as a Dental Assistant! 

About the program

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Program Highlights

Students in this program will benefit from the following:

  • 6-month program of training and education.
  • Full time. Upon completion of this program, students are expected to pass the Denver Health Dental Assistant Final Exam to become a Dental Assistant.
  • 960 hours of education to include online learning, simulation labs, and experiential rotations at a minimum of seven dental clinics, 8 sites within the Denver Health system.
  • Hands-on learning directly within the industry, providing the best possible learning opportunities for our students.
  • Highly skilled and educated preceptors and staff.
  • Working in a healthcare setting that values our diverse patient population and workforce. 


Program components and schedule

The curriculum for this program is divided into three educational modalities: 

        1. Didactic:         A minimum of 280 hours
        2. Simulated:      A minimum of 280 hours
        3. Experiential:   A minimum of 400 hours
                                                Total: 960 hours

280 hours of the didactic portion of the program is a combination of bookwork and in person/online, and competency-based curriculum for training dental assistants. The simulation lab makes up 280 hours of the program and prepares students for the experiential portion, which is the largest component of training. During the experiential portion, students will have the opportunity to work in 8 dental clinic settings and obtain dental specialty training and shadowing opportunities in PEDS, OMFS, ENDO, PERIO, Ortho and IMPLANTS.

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