Curriculum and Skills

Our curriculum objectives for the Dental Assisting Program gives our trainees firsthand experience practicing essential skills in a controlled environment that they will need in either private or clinical practices.

The Curriculum includes:

  • Introduction to Dental Assisting and Dental Terminology.
  • AHA (American Heart Association) Basic Life Support CPR training and certification.
  • OSHA and HIPAA training and certification.
  • Joint Commission training.
  • Dental Radiology training and certification.
  • Dental Specialties.
  • Dental Materials and Procedures.
  • Diagnostics and Orthodontics.
  • Epic training.


Patient Care and Management.

These skills include:
  • Taking dental radiographs and learning how to process.
  • Sterilization of dental instruments and equipment.
  • Checking in and rooming patients: taking patient medical and dental histories and vital signs. (Pulse, blood pressure, etc.)
  • Chairside assisting including using suction and passing instruments during patient procedures.
  • Education of patients on oral hygiene and pre and post op procedures.
  • Maintain and secure patient records and appointment schedules.


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