Colorado Works for International Physicians (COWIP)

Colorado Works for International Physicians (CO-WIP) is a partnership between the Spring Institute and Denver Health designed to assist graduates from international medical schools with MD-equivalent degrees to enter primary care residency programs and eventually obtain their medical license to practice medicine in the United States. Denver Health is the training site for the Clinical Readiness Program of CO-WIP, which is a rigorous nine month program that includes inpatient and outpatient clinical rotations in both adult and pediatric settings, didactic lectures covering a variety of topics, such as medical ethics, insurance and billing, sociology of medicine, communication, preparation for residency interviews and ongoing internal and external evaluations. The goal is to prepare program participants to be excellent applicants to primary care residency programs in Colorado by having them to demonstrate and hone their clinical skills, while acculturating to practicing medicine in the United States. Successful completion of the program will hopefully provide Denver Health faculty members the opportunity to write strong letters of recommendations for the participants to be included in their residency applications. 

For more information about the program and application process, go to: Colorado Welcome Back by Spring Institute

If you have specific questions about the Clinical Readiness Program, please contact Dr. Philip Fung at