Office of Education

Aligned with the overall mission of Denver Health, the Office of Education’s vision is to train health practitioners to create the healthiest community in the United States. Denver Health trains over 2,000 students in 34 health professions. As an affiliate of the University of Colorado School of Medicine, Denver Health is Colorado’s second largest graduate medical education site and sponsors its own residencies in dentistry, emergency medicine, oral and maxillofacial surgery, pharmacology and psychology. To support our vision, we prioritize three areas: increasing the effectiveness of resident education programs, optimizing student health profession training and building interprofessional continuing education.

The Office of Education staff works in collaboration with other departments at Denver Health and in partnership with organizations regionally and nationally. This allows us to maximize our success in our priority areas to maintain graduate education accreditation, continuously improve our residency and student programs and build a centralized continuing education program that supports high quality learning opportunities.

To learn more about the Office of Education’s recent accomplishments, please see our 2022 Annual Report.