Health Services Research Team

Health Services Research (HSR) at Denver Health was established within Denver Health’s Department of Patient Safety and Quality, and serves as the core of CHSR and its affiliates.

The HSR staff includes doctorate-level researchers who specialize in qualitative and quantitative methods, biostatisticians, institutional review board specialists and research assistants.

  • Tom MacKenzie, MD, Chief Medical and Quality Officer
  • Ed Havranek, MD, Director
  • Susan Moore, PhD, MSPH, Assistant Director
  • Debbie Rinehart, PhD, MA, Associate Research Scientist
  • Josh Durfee, MSPH, Statistical Research Specialist
  • Suzanne Dircksen, MBA-HA, Research Projects Coordinator
  • Terra Hiller, BSN, RN, Nursing Research Coordinator
  • Sarah Leslie, MPH, Researcher
  • Silvia Gutierrez-Raghunath, Researcher
  • Reina Doyle, MPH, Research Assistant
  • Nancy Graf, Administrative Assistant

Denver Health Investigators

  • Mark Anderson, MD
  • Ingrid Binswanger, MD, MPH, MS
  • Art Davidson, MD
  • Ray Estacio, MD
  • Henry Fischer, MD
  • Simon Hambidge, MD
  • Rebecca Hanratty, MD
  • Ed Havranek, MD
  • Laura Hurley, MD
  • Kshama Jaiswal, MD
  • Tracy Johnson, PhD
  • Shanna Knierim, NP
  • John Krotchko, MD
  • Joel Marrs, PharmD
  • Torri Metz, MD
  • Susan Moore, PhD, MSPH
  • Rocio Pereira, MD
  • Debbie Rinehart, PhD, MA
  • Jeanne Rozwadowski, MD
  • Judy Shlay, MD
  • Aimee Truesdale, MD

Children’s Hospital Colorado Investigators

  • Monica Federico, MD
  • Allison Kempe, MD, MPH

University of Colorado, Boulder Investigators

  • Irene Blair, PhD