Resources and Education

We believe that the best patient is an educated patient. Don’t wait for bad news to come when you least expect it. At Denver Health, we want our patients to become advocates for better health.

It starts with being proactive about patient education. As a central player in a growing urban community, health information is a top priority for us — especially for issues that fall outside of everyone’s control. That’s why we advocate for ways to reduce your risk of developing diseases of the liver and digestive tract.

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Where to start

  1. Get preventative screening – A colonoscopy is used to detect any signs of cancer of the colon (usually polyps) and remove them before they ever grow into cancer. Watch the video on the steps and what we use to prep for a colonoscopy to help understand the procedure.
  2. Know the risks of certain lifestyle choices – Limit alcohol consumption.
  3. Understand potential choices that are associated with contracting hepatitis and what you can do to prevent it.
  4. Protect your liver health and avoid cirrhosis.
  5. Avoid tobacco use, as it increases the risk of cancer of the larynx (voice box), oral cavity, throat, esophagus, lung and colon.