Pregnancy Testing

WebpositivepregnancytestIf you think you might be pregnant, the first step is to take a pregnancy test to find out for sure. For most women, one of the earliest signs of pregnancy is a missed period.

Another sign is a positive home pregnancy test. Most tests can start to detect pregnancies as early as one day after a missed period. If you took a test, the result was negative and you still have not started your period, wait a few days and test again. Pregnancy tests are most accurate one week after a missed period.

If your test is positive, it is important to call your health care provider or visit a family planning program to confirm the pregnancy and begin prenatal care to ensure a healthy mom and baby.


If you think you are pregnant:

  1. Call 303-436-4949 to make an appointment at one of our conveniently located Denver Health clinics for a pregnancy test.
  2. If you’re pregnant, we’ll schedule your first prenatal, or OB intake, appointment at a Denver Health clinic near you. You’ll see one of our skilled and compassionate health care providers.
  3. If you are not pregnant and do not want to be pregnant, our caring providers will talk with you about your options for preventing pregnancy.
  4. Need financial assistance? Denver Health will also help you set up a meeting with Denver Health Enrollment Services.


If you know you are pregnant:

  1. Call the Appointment Center, 303-436-4949, to schedule your first prenatal appointment. You do not need a pregnancy test to schedule a prenatal appointment.
  2. If you do not have health insurance and you need financial assistance, please call the Denver Health Enrollment Services Information Line at 303-602-2300 before scheduling your first appointment.