Bone Sticking Out of Gums

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Denver Health's Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeons are specialized in the treatment and solutions to bone sticking out of gums, also known as bone spurs, bone spicules or bone protrusions. A bone sticking out of gums may happen after tooth extraction or other kinds of oral surgery – it is your body’s way of removing extra bone from the tooth extraction site. Call today and schedule an appointment for to treat this uncomfortable condition - no referral is needed!


Understanding Causes and Risk Factors

Are you seeking relief from having a bone sticking out of your gums? You’re not alone. The condition may be uncomfortable or embarrassing and could cause an infection. Several possible oral procedures may cause dental bone spicules to form in your mouth, including removal of a tooth or teeth from your jawbones (tooth extraction). The procedure can cause trauma to the bone that lies under a tooth or teeth. Immediately after an oral procedure, the surrounding bone naturally begins to heal itself. But in some cases, there are fragments of bone left at the surgery site. The body sends these bone fragments away from the healing bone and out of your body through your gums.


Symptoms and Diagnosis

Bone spurs can occur in any part of the body, but a bone sticking out of the gums can be quite noticeable. Symptoms of an oral bone spicule include a rough feeling on your gums, a white bone-looking fragment stuck in your gums, mouth pain, discomfort (sharp feeling in one area of your gums), and infection causing headache, fever, pus, redness, or inflammation. Let Denver Health’s skilled team of doctors listen to your symptoms and medical history, to determine if you are a good candidate for treatment.


Treatment and Prevention

Denver Health’s oral surgeons focus on effective symptom management and proactive prevention. We understand that your comfort matters most, and we look for treatments that can ease your symptoms and prevent complications. We recommend that bone spicules be removed from the gums to prevent or treat infection, and to promote quicker healing. The surgery for removal of bone spicules in the mouth is usually brief and minimally invasive.