Jaw Pain & TMJ Disorders

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Denver Health's Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeons are specialized in the treatment and solutions to TMJ and jaw pain. The team understands the daily challenges and discomfort that accompany these conditions, and are committed to finding a solution to offer you a path towards a pain-free life. Call today and schedule an appointment - no referral is needed!


Understanding Causes and Risk Factors

Are you seeking relief from TMJ discomfort? You're not alone. TMJ pain can stem from a variety of factors. Potential causes include jaw or facial injuries, muscle tension, misalignment of the jaw joint or its cartilage disc, and even dental misalignments. Factors like arthritis, teeth grinding, and stress can further contribute to your discomfort. If you're a woman aged 20 to 40, you might find yourself more susceptible, while other risk factors encompass jaw and neck injuries, teeth clenching, ill-fitting dental work, stress, habits like nail-biting, playing wind instruments, and smoking. Your journey to relief begins with understanding – explore how we can guide you toward a solution for jaw and TMJ pain. 


Symptoms and Diagnosis 

TMJ pain can manifest in various ways, such as persistent pain in the jaw or face, discomfort exacerbated by chewing, yawning, or mouth movements, and even clicking or popping sounds when you move your jaw. Perhaps you've experienced a sensation of your jaw catching or locking momentarily while trying to open or close your mouth, or during meals. This condition might also accompany headaches, earaches, or neck and shoulder pain. Denver Health's skilled team of TMJ doctors are here to listen to your symptoms and medical history. A thorough physical examination, focused on your jaw, teeth, face, and head, often suffices for diagnosis. For a comprehensive assessment, we may use diagnostic imaging like X-rays, CT scans, MRIs, or ultrasounds to ensure you receive the precise care you deserve.


Treatment and Prevention

Denver Health's oral surgeons are focused on effective symptom management and proactive prevention. We understand that your comfort matters most. Treatment options are tailored to suit your unique needs, starting with simple yet impactful lifestyle changes like using ice or heat pack. Stress management plays a crucial role, and our counseling services can equip you with tools to conquer stress's impact on your jaw. Through targeted physical therapy, we'll help you stretch and strengthen your jaw for long-lasting relief. Dental devices are another avenue, offering relaxation for tense jaw muscles and prevention of teeth clenching or grinding. Our medical expertise extends to pharmacological solutions too, from pain relievers and muscle relaxants to specialized interventions like cortisone and even Botox injections to alleviate tension. For those seeking enduring solutions, certain antidepressants can be effective in addressing long-term TMJ. In rare instances, surgery might be considered if other methods don't yield results, though this path is not often taken.