Health Professionals

The Pediatric Environmental Health Specialty Units (PEHSUs) are dedicated to increasing knowledge about reproductive and children's environmental health among health care professionals. Many of the environmental risks that lead to poor health outcomes can be mitigated with proper health care provider education and preparation. Health care providers are well-positioned to deliver the education and care needed to protect children from environmental threats and to share relevant information with colleagues.

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Academic Affiliation: University of Colorado
Hospital Affiliation: Denver Health and Hospitals Authority and the Rocky Mountain Poison and Drug Safety (RMPDS)

How to contact the PEHSU:  1-877-800-5554

We have three physicians available to work with you on environmental exposures you may encounter in your practice:

Mark Anderson, MD – Pediatrician at Denver Health

Christopher Hoyte, MD – Toxicologist and Emergency Medicine Physician at RMPDS, Denver Health, and the University of Colorado Hospital

G. Sam Wang, MD – Toxicologist and Pediatric Emergency Medicine Physician at RMPDS and The Children’s Hospital of Colorado.

In addition, we have a clinical toxicologist and a nurse educator available to answer questions, and to provide education upon request.