Pediatric Environmental Health Specialty Unit

Pediatric Environmental Health Specialty UnitThe Rocky Mountain Region Pediatric Environmental Health Specialty Unit (PEHSU) serves Colorado, Montana, North Dakota, South Dakota, Utah and Wyoming. We are a network of experts in children’s environmental health. PEHSU works with health care professionals, parents, schools, community groups and others to provide information on protecting children and reproductive-age adults from environmental hazards. We also work with federal, state and local agencies to address children’s environmental health issues in homes, schools and communities.

Our mission

To improve the health of children in the Rocky Mountain region by providing information, education and training on environmental health problems.
Our goal is to apply the following standards to the populations we serve:

  • To provide children, parents, teachers and health care professionals with reliable and useful information about pediatric environmental hazards
  • To educate parents and health care professionals about pediatric environmental health issues to prevent and treat harmful environmental exposures
  • To foster communication between existing medical resources as a means of improving pediatric healthcare
  • To refer parents and health care professionals to clinical settings specializing in pediatric environmental health services

Our Services

  • Medical consultation and training for health care professionals, parents, caregivers and patients
  • Information and resources to school and community groups to help increase the understanding of environmental pediatrics.