Family Planning

My Mom Would Kill Me

January 01, 2017
Talking with Your Parents about Your Sexual Decisions The decisions you are making about your sexual behavior are an important part of becoming an...

Folic Acid

January 01, 2017
What is Folic Acid Folic acid is a B vitamin found in multivitamin supplements Folate is the form of folic acid found naturally in foods Who...

What are Condoms and How do Condoms Work?

January 01, 2017
Condoms are sheaths of thin latex or plastic worn on the penis during sex. Condoms collect semen ("cum") before, during and after a man ejaculates...

He Made Me Do It

January 01, 2017
What to do when your partner says YES and you want to say NO Sexual activity can be a positive experience that makes couples feel closer to each...

Contraceptive Methods

January 01, 2017
Learn more about various contraceptive methods. Type Typical Use Perfect Use How Does it Work? Advantages ...
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