Addiction Treatment Services

The Center for Addiction Medicine at Denver Health

At Denver Health’s Center for Addiction Medicine every door is an opportunity. Doors lead to new beginnings. Doors open to hope. At the Center for Addiction Medicine, there are no wrong doors. The center brings Denver Health’s broad range of addiction programs and medical resources into a single place, providing comprehensive treatment options, mindful of the stigma of substance use.

Denver Health marks Overdose Awareness Day and explains the work its Center for Addiction Medicine is doing to help.

The Center for Addiction Medicine is a new Denver Health initiative dedicated to combating the damage being done to our community by the disease of addiction. In 2018, more than 1,100 people died of drug overdose in Colorado. Behind every statistic is a person: a unique individual with a family and a community.

Denver Health is on the frontline of this public health crisis. From first responders and social workers to emergency and primary care providers, our system-wide continuum of care ensures patients are stabilized and successfully treated at the right level of integrated physical and behavioral health care. The Center for Addiction Medicine is bringing these dedicated professionals together in an unprecedented effort to try to prevent more deaths and increase long-term recovery.


Denver Health Addiction Treatment Services Opioid Hub and Spoke Model
The Center for Addiction Medicine operates using this innovative hub and spoke model to take care of patients.


Drug Addiction Treatment Services

  • Treatment on Demand
    The grant-funded program helps patients with opioid use disorder get medication assisted treatment (MAT) in the Emergency Department. Counselors then link patients to ongoing addiction treatment at Denver Health’s Outpatient Behavioral Health Services (OBHS) or one of our partner Opioid Treatment Programs (OTP), the Behavioral Health Group or Denver Recovery Group, for next day care. This work has inducted hundreds of new patients on MAT and seen “next day show” rates at the OTPs increase significantly.

  • IV Antibiotic Program
    This grant-funded program shortens hospital stays for patients who are known to inject drugs and are prescribed long-term intravenous antibiotics. Patients are transferred to intensive residential treatment at Sobriety House, where their addiction is treated while they continue receiving IV antibiotics and addiction treatment medication from Denver Health.

  • Addiction Recovery Center and Suboxone Treatment
    Addiction recovery services provide treatment for non-opiate substance disorders and outpatient suboxone (buprenorphine) treatment to opioid dependent patients.
  • Adolescent Substance Abuse Treatment 
    A substance abuse treatment, education and prevention program provides outpatient, psychiatric and substance abuse treatment to adolescents ages 12-21.
  • Denver CARES Detoxification and Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation
    Denver CARES is a 100-bed, non-medical, clinically managed treatment facility. Our mission is to provide a safe detoxification for public inebriates and to provide assessment, education, motivational counseling and residential treatment. Denver CARES operates 24/7 with a staff of registered nurses, behavioral health technicians, addiction counselors and licensed mental health clinicians.
  • Methadone Clinic Opiate Addiction Treatment
    Opiate addiction treatment at Denver Health provides opioid/narcotic replacement therapy utilizing methadone and suboxone (buprenorphine) for patients meeting specific criteria for admission.
  • Outpatient Behavioral Health Services
    Outpatient Behavioral Health Services offers comprehensive addictions rehabilitation and evaluation services for treatment of non-opiate drug and alcohol substance use disorders.
  • The Recovery Program for Women & Families
    This program is designed specifically to help pregnant women, parenting women and families who need substance abuse treatment. Each woman that comes to the program is treated with respect and offered a safe environment in which to heal.

Hours of Operation

Goal, Vision and Values

The goal of the Center for Addiction Medicine is to coordinate the essential health services for persons with substance abuse disorders. The vision is to be a compassionate model for the prevention and treatment of substance misuse, to transform lives and to educate all.

The values are:

  • Dignity and equity
  • Community collaboration
  • Passionate and professional 
  • Innovative prevention, treatment, research and education

Strategic Efforts

The Center for Addiction Medicine has five-year strategic goals:

  • Inclusive and Compassionate Care: Ensure inclusive and compassionate care where all health care professionals treat patients with substance use disorders with respect and dignity, and improve patient outcomes.
  • Full Continuum of Care: Strengthen the continuum of care for people with substance use disorders throughout the Denver Health system and beyond. Ensuring that patients receive the right level of care for their individual needs. 
  • Knowledge Management: Establish a comprehensive interface data to support strategic, operational, managerial, and research and evaluation.
  • Fiscal Growth and Financial Partnership: Enhance internal and external revenue streams to ensure quality services are accessible far into the future. 

Governing Structure

A governance structure has been established to achieve the strategic goals of the Center for Addiction Medicine, as well as to provide guidance and accountability. The Governing Council supports coordination of efforts across Denver Health’s array of care sites and with services in the community. Members include representatives from the executive leadership team and champions from each department across the system.

Contact Us

  • To access services provided by the  Center for Addiction Medicine, please call Outpatient Behavioral Health Services at 303-602-4851.
  • For screening and referrals to services, please call the Community Line at 303-436-5711.
    •  This grant-funded program offers people in the community a call line staffed by experienced addiction experts who can screen for substance use, provide referrals, and point people in the right direction for accessible opioid treatment and non-opioid treatment options. 
  • For all other Denver Health services, please call 303-436-6000.
  • For technical assistance or information on implementation of the Center for Addiction Medicine, please call 303-602-4929.