Hub-and-Spoke Model

The Center for Addiction Medicine brings together Denver Health's robust range of opioid treatment services within a “hub-and-spoke” model that integrates resources and clinical expertise, providing a seamless, confidential and supportive journey for patients. Delivering on the “no wrong door” approach, patients who misuse opioids and present to any Denver Health clinic, medical provider or emergency facility, are rapidly connected to treatment and recovery services that best meet their needs.

Center for Addiction Medicine Hub & Spoke Model

The Center for Addiction Medicine's “hub” is located in Denver Health's Behavioral Health department. The “spokes” include the Emergency Department, Psychiatric Emergency Services, methadone treatment, suboxone treatment, hospital medicine, correctional care, family health centers, Denver CARES, Denver Recovery Group, Behavioral Health Group, Sobriety House, and other community partners.

2022 Results

  • New Treatment Episodes Across Denver Health: 610
  • Patients Linked to Follow Up Treatment (from referral): 49%
  • Patients Retained 90 Days (post linkage): 62%


  • 24/7 ED Methadone inductions to support rising fentanyl crisis
  • Implementation of Substance Use Disorder Treatment (SUDT) referral and episode tools in electronic health record system
  • Increased capacity for Inpatient Substance Use Treatment