Steps to Bariatric Surgery

At the Denver Health Bariatric Surgery Center, we offer a comprehensive program to support patients along their weight-loss journeys. Surgery alone is not a cure for obesity, but with a strong commitment to the process and the support of the Denver Health team, it will help you reach your goals. 

Bariatrics RDandPatient TalkingThe below steps leading up to surgery generally take six to nine months. Please contact our bariatric coordinator at 303-602-6232 for help through this process.  

  1. Watch a free informational video to hear from our bariatric surgeons about our bariatric program, the benefits of having weight loss surgery and the difference between the two surgeries that we offer at Denver Health.
  2. Scroll down below the video and complete the questions to be contacted by our bariatric coordinator.
  3. Get two referrals from your primary care provider, one for bariatric surgery and one for bariatric nutrition.
  4. You will have an appointment with a bariatric surgeon to review your health history and confirm that you are a good candidate to move forward in the bariatric program to have weight loss surgery.
  5. Attend several one-on-one nutrition appointments with our registered dietitian.
  6. Attend at least three support group sessions.
  7. Attend at least two psychological visits to determine that you are at a healthy, mental state for surgery, determine that you understand the consequences of surgery and help prepare you for life following surgery and weight loss.
  8. After completing steps one to seven, our team will evaluate your progress, and you may be invited to our bariatric clinic for a pre-operative history and physical.

Additional steps required prior to bariatric surgery:

  • Depending on your current BMI and health, you may be asked to lose weight before surgery 
  • Quit smoking before surgery (all patients)
  • Test for cardiac and pulmonary clearance
  • Your A1C will need to be below 10 before approval for bariatric surgery
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