Denver Health’s gynecology service provides integrated, comprehensive care for all women. Our practitioners are trained to provide services ranging from routine well-woman care to subspecialty treatment. Our Women’s Care Clinics offer extensive supporting services including ultrasound, phlebotomy (blood draw), physical therapy and behavioral health.

Our team provides high-quality care for a wide range of gynecologic needs, all within the same health care system. Services are conveniently located at the central Denver Health campus as well as at the Eastside and Westside Family Health Centers. We have a diverse provider team, from accomplished midwives and nurse practitioners, to board-certified OB-GYN physicians to subspecialist physicians.

Gynecological Services

  • Gynecological exams and preventive screenings
  • Pap testing: cervical cancer screening
  • Birth control options: medications and procedures for temporary or permanent birth control
  • STD screenings
  • Bone density testing to check for osteoporosis
  • Gynecologic surgery
  • Urogynecology for incontinence and pelvic floor disorders
  • Diabetes screening and treatment
  • Cancer care
  • Genetics Counseling
  • Ultrasound evaluation
  • Treatment for menopause


Denver Health Named Best Maternity Hospital

Denver Health Medical Center has been designated as one of Newsweek’s Best Maternity Care Hospitals 2020.

Our maternity care program is now ranked among the best in the United States, as verified by the 2019 Leapfrog Group Hospital Survey. We're proud of all our providers and staff who have delivered extraordinary service to mothers, newborns, and all the families in our community.

Some examples of the outstanding performance metrics for 2019 include:

  • Zero percent of women had elective delivery between 37-39 weeks gestation (Third year in a row).
  • C-section rate for primiparous, term, vertex presentation of less than 20%.
  • Low episiotomy rate.
  • 59% of full-term newborns exclusively breast fed.

Conditions and Treatments