Equity Blueprint

Denver Health’s Equity Blueprint captures our health system’s comprehensive commitment to addressing health disparities and racial inequities in health care, to being a diverse, equitably, and inclusive workplace that values belonging as well as our commitment to the community.

First introduced in 2021, the just-released update provides a report out on the key initiatives that advance the work while holding the health system accountable to create and maintain an engaged and inclusive workforce, improve health equity and outcomes, and build a sense of belonging and trust with our community.

Guiding objectives across all 3 pillars of work include

  • Building an understanding of the current state of DEIB work in our organization.
  • Understanding what type of infrastructure is needed to support this work.
  • Conducting self-assessments to determine the gaps in our policies, procedures, practices and services that can negatively impact DEIB work.
  • Developing a shared commitment and structure of support in our organization.
  • Developing analytics to understand how we perform in workplace diversity and in Key quality health outcomes.


Denver Health will continue to implement key initiatives and emphasize metrics as we advance the Equity Blueprint.

Thanks to all who are involved in this vital work.