Vendors and Suppliers

Doing Business with Denver Health

At Denver Health we rely on vendors and suppliers to help us fulfill our mission to deliver consistent, exceptional care to all. To provide this level of service our staff depends on the best products and services that you, our partners, provide.

Our partnership with you, therefore, is an essential component of our strategy to improve the well-being of all of our patients. We’re dedicated to doing everything we can to encourage and nurture beneficial, long-term, and mutually satisfying relationships with vendors and suppliers, and we’re eager to contract with companies that share our culture while offering competitive pricing for the highest quality products and services.

As our work depends on you, we want to make it as easy and as rewarding as possible for you to work with us. We welcome your business and have developed vendor program policies that we hope will make it easier for you to do business with us. Designed with patient safety in mind, these policies also aim to help ease compliance with increasingly complex regulatory issues and encourage a positive and mutually rewarding partnership. Please read our open letter to suppliers and vendors about upholding our Code of Conduct.

As part of Denver Health's Center for Equity, Diversity and Opportunity, we have partnered with, a free online directory of BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, People of Color)-owned small businesses based in Colorado. Buying from local small businesses aligns with Denver Health's mission of being a community partner and an anchor institution. BIPOC entrepreneurs can fill out their business profile on and Denver Health is listed on the website as a ShopBIPOC champion.

Visiting Denver Health

You will only be able to visit employees of Denver Health if you have an appointment. We do not allow walk-in calls, except in the Purchasing department, where you are welcome to drop off literature and your business card. Be sure to allow adequate time to sign in at one of our kiosk locations before meeting your contact.

Parking is available free of charge at the parking garage at 6th and Delaware. Access is on Delaware Street. Additionally valet parking is available for a fee outside Pavilion B.

Sales Representative Registration and Credentialing

Sales representative registration is required of all salespeople who physically conduct business on any Denver Health campus or clinic. Registration provides Supply Chain Management with information about department(s) with which you'll be conducting business and the type of work you do while on our properties. If you do not anticipate ever having a physical presence at Denver Health, registration is not required.

Registration is completed through RepTrax, a third-party vendor management system. To allow time for credential processing, representatives should create and update their RepTrax account at least five business days before coming on campus. Vendors can visit the RepTrax (Sec3ure) website at to create an account with RepTrax before they plan to visit Denver Health. RepTrax may ask for additional credentials depending on whether you need to access patient care areas or will restrict your visits to administrative offices, such as the Purchasing Department. Restricted access is available to you free of charge. There is an annual fee for Premium membership if you require access to patient care areas. If you need a Premium membership you will also have to acknowledge a series of Denver Health policies and procedures before your first visit to our campus. These policies will change depending on the areas you plan to visit. Representatives who already have a RepTrax account should add Denver Health to their list of hospitals and complete the requirements. If you have issues with the credentials being requested, please contact us at (303) 602-7100.

The hospital has three conveniently located RepTrax kiosks, two at the Main Information Desk in Pavilion A and one in the Purchasing Department at 777 Delaware Street. You may access any of the kiosks to register your visit and to print your badge. The Main Information Desk kiosk is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Please remember to log out of RepTrax when you leave the building! RepTrax also provide a mobile app available from your app store, search for SEC3URE. You can also use text messaging to check out of our facility.

Without a badge, your visit will be restricted to the Purchasing Department. If you’re found in the hospital without a valid badge, you will be in violation of the Denver Health Supplier / Vendor Guidelines policy and you will be asked to report to the Purchasing Department or leave the premises. Repeated violation of the policy could result in temporary or permanent suspension of privileges.

Denver Health has adopted strict policies on the introduction of new non-pharmaceutical supplies to the agency. We use a series of departmental New Product Committees to analyze new products before we make the decision to use them. It is in the interest of the sales representative to involve the Purchasing department as early as possible. Please do not try to circumvent Purchasing and go directly to a physician or department to influence the adoption of new supplies. This will only lead to delays and will almost certainly lead to negative comments on your RepTrax score card.

For pharmaceutical reps, Denver Health has adopted strict policies on the introduction of new or non-formulary medications to the agency. We use the Denver Health Pharmacy & Therapeutics Committee to evaluate the safety, efficacy and cost-effectiveness of new or non-formulary medications. You are required to make an appointment with the Pharmacy before your visit. Please do not try to circumvent Pharmacy and go directly to a physician or pharmacy to influence the adoption of a new or non-formulary medication.

Sales Representative Ethical Standards

  • Food or drink may not be provided directly by vendors. 
  • Vendors are not permitted to display products or product information 
  • Cash or other incentive programs are strictly prohibited 
  • No personal gifts of any kind from vendors to faculty or staff are permitted. 
  • Vendors are not permitted to distribute, post, or leave any type of printed or handwritten material, advertisements, signs, or other such promotional materials anywhere on the premises. Unsolicited materials may not be provided to clinicians; any promotional or informational material provided by a vendor must be explicitly requested by faculty or staff. 
  • Distribution of vendor patient educational material that may be useful to our patients should be left at the appropriate department. Vendors are strictly prohibited from providing educational material of any type directly to patients or from leaving them in areas accessible to patients. 
  • Only pricing/cost information which has been approved by Supply Chain may be discussed with clinicians. Absolutely no contracts may be presented to clinical staff; all contracts must be routed through Supply Chain 
  • Equipment and Samples shall not be brought in to the facility, demonstrated or distributed on the premises without the direct permission of the Director of Materials Management or designee.
  • Pharmaceutical samples shall not be distributed on the premises without the direct permission of the Director of Pharmacy or designee. 
  • No photographs may be taken in any clinical area without the express permission of the department director or designee.

Policies and Procedures