Critical Care Unit Nursing Jobs

Surgical Intensive Care Unit

Surgical Intensive Care Unit (SICU) at Denver Health is a 20 bed unit that specializes in trauma and neurosurgery as well as many subspecialties. Seventy-five percent of the patient population is trauma, which lends to a fast-paced and high-intensity workplace.

Nurses interested in working in this area should have the ability to learn technical skills, be motivated to understand the disease processes of the patients and be willing to work closely with the interdisciplinary team including physicians and the families of critically ill patients.  All nurses on this unit receive a critical care competency based on orientation to all facets and populations of patient care. Interdisciplinary high-risk patient care is our main focus.


Medical Intensive Care Unit

The Medical Intensive Care Unit (MICU) plays an integral role in participating in Evidence Based Practice as a commitment to quality care that continues to set the standards for excellence at Denver Health. The nursing leadership team promotes an environment that is supportive of nursing autonomy, and actively supports the personnel and professional development of its nurses. If you are seeking excitement and challenge of critical care, Denver Health Medical Intensive Care Unit is the place for you.

The Medical Intensive Care Unit (MICU) of Denver Health provides 24 hour continuous critical care nursing to the adult and geriatric critically ill patient population. The MICU unit is equipped with state of the art monitoring equipment and technology. We boast a dynamic interdisciplinary team that provides compassionate care to the most critically ill medical patients, working collaboratively to achieve the best patient outcomes.


Progressive Care

The progressive care unit is a 12-bed unit serving patients from almost every service in the hospital, including patients on ventilators. We admit post-cardiac procedure patients and remain a true progressive care unit by taking transfers from the Intensive Care Units.

We are a shared leadership model with many team members on hospital-wide committees driving change through evidence-based practice. We also have four new unit-based committees that our charge nurses are heading up. We have very competitive nurse-to-patient ratios of 1RN to 3 patients.  The Progressive Care unit is a very dynamic place to find a career in critical care!