Denver Health Job Shadowing Program

The Denver Health job shadowing program is designed for students ages 14 years or older interested in a career in health care. The student must be enrolled in a high school or a college undergraduate program. Shadowing a health care professional at Denver Health lets students experience the day-to-day life of the professional and provides information on the skills and education required for the position.

If you are a high school student interested in a career in healthcare, learn more about our high school internship program MC2.



  1. Job Shadowing experiences will be approved only for individuals who meet the following requirements:
    • Currently enrolled in a high school, GED, college, or other formal educational program designed for career development or career identification.
    • Considering submitting an application for work into health care related fields.
    • Can provide proof of immunizations for COVID-19, rubella, measles, PPD (tuberculosis test) within the last year or negative chest x-ray, and seasonal influenza; and
    • Sign the Observer and Confidentiality Agreement.
  2. All shadowing individuals must be 14 years of age or older. Certain areas of the hospital have additional age requirements, including the following:
    • The operating room or the intensive care units require the individual be at least 16 years of age.
    • The Emergency Department requires the individual be at least 18 years of age.
    • Shadowing is not permitted in the Behavioral Health/Psychiatry units and clinics or the Forensic Unit.
  3. The Job Shadowing program does not replace:
    • Formal educational experiences. Direct your request to the Department of Education for a Clinical Learning Agreement with the sponsoring school.
    • Student voluntjavascript:void(0);eer work for school credit.
    • Observation experiences for licensed physicians from the United States or abroad.
    • Occasional events where relatives bring their children to work (e.g., Take Your Child to Work Day).

Additional Information

Denver Health does not find job shadow placements for applicants. All shadowing individuals are responsible for securing a job shadow experience with a Denver Health employee.. Denver Health retains the right to refuse permission for any reason to an Observer who has requested a shadowing experience. Observers are not permitted to use or disclose protected health information. Observers cannot perform any direct patient care. Job Shadowing is limited to a total of 40 hours per year. All hours must be completed within a 2-month time frame for that year.



The following are expected of the Observer during their experience:

  1. Obtain a Job Shadow ID badge from the Badging Office prior to starting the job shadow experience. The Badging Office is located at 601 N Broadway, first floor. This ID badge must be displayed in clear site at all times during the shadow experience and must be returned to the Badging Office at the end of the experience.
  2. Dress appropriately, in accordance with the Denver Health dress code. The Observer is responsible for checking with the staff being observed to determine appropriate attire.
  3. Contact staff being observed not less than one week before the shadowing to confirm dates, times, and objectives.
  4. Conduct yourself in a professional, courteous, and responsible manner and abide by all Denver Health policies and procedures.
  5. Secure patient’s permission prior to entering a clinical situation involving treatment, procedure, or examination.
  6. Respect patient confidentiality. The observer is not to discuss any patient, their medical history, or their reason for visiting a physician, with anyone other than the staff member he or she is observing.
  7. Understand that clinical practice involves situations that will require a degree of sensitivity to the needs of the patient and the obligations of the physician.
  8. Understand that the employee is volunteering their time to this program and has a demanding schedule.
  9. Do not participate in observation if ill, have fever, or cough.
  10. Contact the person being observed in advance in case of an unscheduled absence.
  11. Do not provide any direct patient care. Observers may not touch the patient or manipulate any equipment used in patient care.

Expectations of Denver Health Staff Being Observed

All shadowing individuals must be assigned to a specific Denver Health staff member who has agreed to allow the observer to accompany them during the designated period of time. This staff member is responsible for personally completing all assigned duties, appropriate supervision of the observer in accordance with this administrative procedure and ensuring patient safety. Staff being observed will also ensure that the observer is free of obvious contagious conditions which may be a risk to patients per Denver Health Policy, "Standard Precautions".


Application Process & Materials

  1. Identify the Denver Health provider or employee you are going to shadow. You should identify them and talk with them about this before you proceed. *Denver Health does not identify the person for you.
  2. Designate the scope, date and duration of experience.
  3. Complete the Job Shadow Application.
  4. Sign the Observer and Confidentiality Agreement. If under 18 years of age, these agreements must be signed by the participant and their parent or legal guardian.
  5. Provide proof of immunizations for COVID-19, rubella, measles, PPD (tuberculosis test) within the last year or negative chest x-ray, and seasonal influenza.
  6. Agree to not provide any patient care.
  7. Submit the completed packet to the Human Resources Department no later than two weeks before the desired date of shadowing.

Application Materials

Each of the following forms must be completed and submitted with your application packet to be considered for the Job Shadowing Program.

Application Submission

Please submit your completed application packet to