Maternity and Pregnancy

Denver Health has been providing health care to Colorado and Denver for more than 150 years and offers all the services you will need during your pregnancy, delivery and after your baby is born. Our experienced team is here to provide you and your baby with a happy, healthy new beginning! Denver Health delivers more than 3,000 babies every year, which accounts for about one third of all Denver babies. We accept nearly all forms of insurance, including Medicaid.

Prenatal Care

At Denver Health, there are many clinics available for prenatal care. You can select one of our Family Health Centers located throughout metro Denver or you may choose to receive care on the main Denver campus at our Women's Care Clinic. There are several types of prenatal care providers at Denver Health, including physicians, midwives and nurse practitioners.

Denver Health Classes and Events

Don't miss these opportunities to learn about labor, delivery and caring for your baby. Classes are offered at no cost to women receiving prenatal care at a Denver Health clinic. To learn more and register, visit Classes and Events. Classes fill up fast, so register early!

Labor and Delivery

Our Pavilion C for Women and Children offers the ideal setting for your child's birth. Expert providers, including physicians and midwives, are here for you during this time. We have large, private labor and delivery rooms. After delivery, moms and their babies recover on the Mom/Baby Unit where there are also private rooms for mom, baby and close family members to spend some quiet time together before going home.

Curious about seeing our services? Join us for an in-person tour of the maternity and pregnancy services at Denver Health.

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Conditions and Treatment