Denver CARES Withdrawal Management and Residential Treatment Programs

Denver Community Addiction Rehabilitation and Evaluation Services (CARES) provides short-term and residential treatment for individuals with substance use disorders. Denver CARES has provided a safe and humane withdrawal management for individuals suffering from substance use disorders in the City and County of Denver for nearly five decades.


Denver CARES Services

Our mission is to provide a safe and humane withdrawal management experience for individuals suffering from substance use disorders. Denver CARES currently treats all substance use disorders, but specifically offers medication management pathways for alcohol, opioid, and methamphetamine use disorders. Clinical staff provide assessment, education, motivational counseling, treatment planning, and referrals to the next appropriate level of care. Upon admission, clients are required to complete a comprehensive evaluation and may be referred to Denver CARES for treatment through the courts or probation, Emergency Service Patrol (ESP), health care providers, law enforcement, or by self-referral.

Denver CARES operates 24 hours a day, seven days a week with a clinical staff of registered nurses, behavioral health technicians, addiction counselors and licensed mental health clinicians. Denver CARES also works closely with the Denver Health Paramedic Division, Emergency Department, and Psychiatric Emergency Services to ensure clients are triaged to a higher level of care if applicable.

Emergency Service Patrol (ESP)

Denver Health’s Paramedic Division operates an Emergency Service Patrol (ESP) which safely transports individuals suffering from substance intoxication throughout the city of Denver directly to Denver CARES. ESP responds to police requests, community calls, and Denver Health Emergency Department requests. ESP responds to more than 10,000 calls annually.

Withdrawal Management

Denver CARES is a 100-bed, non-medical, clinically managed treatment facility that provides a safe and humane environment for clients to withdrawal from alcohol and/or drugs. All clients are triaged by a registered nurse before being admitted into the dorm. Clients receive vitals checks, sleeping accommodations, medication assisted treatment (if applicable), group counseling (if applicable), and well-balanced meals throughout the duration of their stay. Licensed mental health clinicians and certified addiction counselors provide initial education, harm reduction education, and counseling regarding addiction and recovery, and treatment referrals are provided.

Transitional Residential Treatment (TRT)

Denver CARES provides transitional residential treatment for individuals with substance use disorders. Male and female clients are housed separately in shared living spaces. The male dorm can accommodate up to 28 clients and the female dorm can accommodate up to 14 clients. The length of stay varies from 45 to 90 days. Services include counseling groups on a variety of topics including coping skills, seeking safety, relapse prevention, smoking cessation, mindfulness and meditation, CBT, grief and loss, yoga, anger management, art therapy, and many more. Participants will also meet with their respective counselor once per week for individualized counseling. In addition to counseling, clients are connected to case coordinators and case managers who support them with basic life skills such as obtaining gainful employment, sustainable housing, and continuation of their treatment goals to best support their recovery.

TRT Commonly Asked Question 

Counselor Training Program

The Behavioral Health Services Counselor Training Program at Denver CARES offers the course work required to obtain both Certified Addiction Technician (CAT) and Certified Addiction Specialist (CAS) certifications. The training program also offers continuing education requirements. Classes are taught in a small classroom or online setting by dually licensed trainers who specialize in addictions and are approved by the Behavioral Health Administration. The class subjects include Addiction Counseling Skills, Principles of Addiction Treatment, Pharmacology, Advanced Treatment Models, Trauma Informed Care, Motivational Interviewing, Clinical Supervision, Anger Management, and many more.

Behavioral Health Services Counselor Training

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  • To report a publicly intoxicated individual in need of emergency services for pickup please call dispatch at 720-913-2200.
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