Surgical Oncology

Denver Health's surgical oncologists provide the newest and most technologically advanced surgical treatment for liver, pancreas and breast cancer. Our surgical treatments utilize minimally invasive procedures that provide patients with a faster recovery period and little scarring.

Our integrated team employs experts from all medical specialties to provide patients with complete care, and our Surgical and Medical Intensive Care Unit staff are specially trained to provide the best post-surgery care.

As one of the busiest hospitals in the region, we encounter and care for a number of patients with complex medical conditions every day and have the expertise and staff to provide the best care possible.

Breast Cancer Services

  • Breast MRI
    • Digital mammography enables radiologists to detect and characterize suspicious or obscure lesions more precisely. Enhanced visibility to view masses is made possible with contrast resolution. The compression and positioning of the breast are the same as a conventional film mammography but with less waiting time if done digitally.
  • Digital mammography
    • For high-risk patients, breast MRI can detect minuscule breast cancers that mammography or breast exams might miss. Breast MRI is a breast-imaging technique that captures multiple cross-sectional pictures of the breast and combines them to create detailed, 2-D and 3-D pictures. It is performed when doctors need more information than what a mammogram, ultrasound or clinical breast exam can provide. It works regardless of breast size, density, patient age, presence of implants and/or prior surgery.
  • Automated whole breast ultrasound technology
    • Automated whole breast ultrasound is a safe and comfortable examination that is a computer-guided addition to a standard ultrasound system. It is performed by a certified technologist using a robotic device to record images of the entire breast instead of just single pictures. The images can be stopped, magnified and reviewed. In addition to its precision, automated whole breast ultrasounds require no breast compression and no injections. The examination can be done in about 15 minutes and is permanently recorded for your physician to carefully review and follow up on.
  • Medical oncology
  • Surgical oncology
  • Plastic surgery reconstruction
  • Patient navigators
  • Cancer Resource Center
  • Partnership with the University of Colorado for Radiation Oncology Clinic and Genetic Counseling

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