Kidney & Nephrology Services

Denver Health nephrologists provide diagnostic and therapeutic management of kidney diseases for both inpatient and outpatient care. 

Our Services

  • Evaluation and care of the patient with acute renal failure
  • Evaluation and care of the patient with chronic kidney disease
  • Kidney biopsies, CT scan guidance
  • Evaluation and management of patients with hypertension
  • Care of patients with diabetic nephropathy
  • Care of patients with polycystic kidney disease
  • Management of post renal transplant patients
  • Evaluation and pre-dialysis care, and chronic dialysis placement in the community
  • Acute hemodialysis and/or continuous veno-venous hemodiafiltration
  • Care of patients with glomxulonephaitis
  • Evaluation of patients with electrolyte and/or acid base disorders
  • Vascular access planning, with vascular surgeon and interventional radiologist
  • Kidney stone disease



  • Endothelin in hypertension
  • Role of dyslipidemia in progression of chronic kidney disease
  • Role of potassium in the management of hypertension and cardiovascular diseases
  • Natural history and management of ischemic nephropathy
  • Slowing the progression of autosomal dominant polycystic kidney disease
  • Biomarkers in acute kidney injury
  • Proteomics in multiple organ dysfunction syndrome
  • Acute kidney injury

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