About Lean Academy

Denver Health was one of the first healthcare delivery organizations to successfully adopt the Lean philosophy and methods with quantified success.  Regardless of your industry, the Denver Health Lean Academy will kick start your Lean journey by teaching the value of the Lean methodology and practices in a fun, fast-paced, interactive and engaging learning environment. 

Lean training is ideal for leaders and learners in all fields, including but not limited to:  healthcare, banking, quality improvement, supply chain and government employees. There is great potential through Lean practice to improve customer care, reduce inefficiencies (Lean waste), and optimize systems for performance excellence. Together we can change our industries, ensuring the most value-added experiences for our customers. 

Our Lean Courses reflect Denver Health's progress on its never-ending Lean trans-formative journey and will help you understand the systems within and the successes achieved by Denver Health. We currently offer multiple Lean Courses - from beginner to advanced.  We invite you to sign up for the Lean Academy newsletter to stay up-to-date!

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