Spiritual Care Services

Spiritual Care Providers are always available to assist patient and families with all emotional and spiritual care needs in the midst of illness, trauma, distress, and significant life changes that may occur while in the hospital.

The services chaplains provide are interfaith and always respectful of a person’s beliefs and values whether they are people of faith or no faith. Chaplains can also arrange to have a community faith representative of the patient’s choice come and visit in the hospital. 

Chaplains at Denver Health are Board Certified professionals with a Masters level degree and receive specialized training in providing spiritual care in a clinical setting. Their expertise is part a holistic approach and chaplains are members of the interdisciplinary treatment team.

Chaplains understand the complex clinical culture of the hospital and how a new diagnosis, unexpected trauma or loss can impact a person spiritually. Chaplains can assist in discovering meaning, purpose and direction by actively listening and providing a non-judgmental empathetic presence that can provide hope and encouragement in the midst of distress and change.

The Interfaith Chapel on the second floor of Pavilion B is always open for prayer, mediation and reflection. 

Services We Can Provide:

Spiritual assessment
Compassionate presence & emotional support
Bedside rituals, prayers, and sacraments
Pastoral Crisis Intervention
Grief and Loss Support
End-of-Life Planning and Palliative Care
Community clergy of your choice
Patient/family support for adjustments to illness, injury, or significant life change

How To Make A Referral:

Any member of the interdisciplinary care team can make a referral.  Referrals can be made electronically or verbally.  The Spiritual Care Department may be contacted for non-urgent requests at 303-602-4500. 

For immediate assistance have a nurse or care provider page the chaplain on duty.